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Hair Oils | Best Guide to Essential Oils for Curly Hair

July 24, 2017
Hair Oil: Best Guide for Essential Oils for Curly Hair

Let me tell you about essential oils for curly hair! To give you a brief introduction on oils for your naturally curly hair, there are two main categories you will come across:   ESSENTIAL OILS- highly concentrated scent, contain specific therapeutic benefits, normally extracted from plant sources and diluted with carrier oils CARRIER OILS- vegetable/nut/seed […]

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Ultimate Hair Detox | Benefits of Washing Your Hair with Clay

June 22, 2017
Ultimate Hair Detox. How to Clay Wash

  While looking for some alternatives to traditional shampoo I found some weird suggestions for natural hair. Of course, there is a lot of crazy concoctions out there, but this is really a great find! Presenting: Bentonite clay!  I want soft, shiny, healthy hair, with defined curls, and without a bunch of products in my […]

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13 Reasons your Eyebrows are Bad

March 1, 2017

How are your eyebrows looking? Bushy, tacky, and over-due? I have the perfect article to address your eyebrow woes… Can’t get the perfect eyebrows every time? You’re doing them all wrong! But don’t worry, here’s some help. Your eyebrows frame your face and give it structure, so it’s important to keep your tiny arches on […]

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